Transformational Rebirth Program

This 10-Month Program is designed to transform your physical, mental, emotional and etheric body, raising you to your highest vibrations.

Transformational Rebirth.jpg

We have spent years working to put together a comprehensive program that includes the healing, coaching, and resources needed to completely give birth to the truest version of yourself. Taking into consideration the average time seekerZ work with us before hitting their 'aha' moment and also the psychology +  physiology behind the deep healing process. 

The Light SisterZ 10 Month Transformational Rebirth Program will take you and a small group of VIP attendees on an experience to fully transform your mind, body and soul so that you can to reach and stay at your highest vibration. 

Each month of the program will focus on a different level of your healing journey.


  • Deep healing

  • Nutrition

  • Physical health

  • Breaking through negative belief patterns

  • Life purpose manifestation

  • Supportive community

  • Access to numerous coaches and healing practitioners

  • International retreats

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Plus so much more.

Health encompasses more than just the physical level, we dig into those mental barriers, emotional blockages, and spiritual imbalances in the most dynamic and loving way. Spots for the program are very limited. Interested in applying? The next VIP Experience begins October 25, 2018.

This program is the complete package. If you are not looking to completely transform your life forward on all levels then this is not the program for you. 


We are extremely excited for your journey and wishing you a magical day!

Program Includes

  • Monthly Group Sessions with the VIP Team and the Light SisterZ
  • Two Weekend Retreats (Excluding Flight)
  • 1-Week Global VIP Experience Trip (Excluding Flight)
  • Access to all Light SisterZ Online Courses and Webinars
  • Quarterly One-on-One Sessions with the Light SisterZ 
  • Coaching + Healing Sessions from Certified Practitioners in the Light Community
  • Follow-Up Session After Program Completion
  • Plus so much more.....


The Transformational rebirth program is created specifically for SeekerZ 

  • That have felt blocked in being able to move forward in multiple areas of their life
  • Who are ready to break through the continuous negative cycles in their life
  • Who have done prior healing work. Ex. Acupuncture, long term therapy, reiki, etc.
  • Attended prior workshops, retreats, or classes hosted by the Light SisterZ
  • Understand that this is a journey not a destination. To complete this program means that you will truly transform into a much more progressive and positive person
  • Have mentally decided that you are ready! You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
The Light SisterZ have a unique energy where you see and feel the light bounce off each other like a dance
— Raynelle- Oakland, California, USA