Q: How long have the light sisterz been Working together in this capacity and when did the business start?

A: We have been studying + working together in this field for 7 years now. We officially started our business in 2017. 

Q: Do you take appointments for one on one sessions?

A: If you are part of our Transformational Rebirth Program, one on one sessions are included as part of your package! Some of our week long experiences also include one on one sessions. Otherwise we do not take appointments for one on one sessions at this time. If you are looking to have more consistent support from your SisterZ on your spiritual journey, join our online membership community!

Q: Are there other Options for me aside from the transformational programs or experiences/retreats?

A: Our online membership community is a great option for you to gain access to online courses, Light SisterZ designed toolkits, members only webinars, plus more! We cater our posts on our Instagram to the current energy of the universe to offer transformational support and guidance. We also have in person workshops in various locations + speaking engagements ( check out events page to see what is coming up).

Q: What is one piece of advice that you would give anyone as they begin or continue on their journey?

A: Don't give up, you really do have this! Don't go about things all alone and please be open to being both a student and a teacher. When the student is ready the teacher appears =).