Corporate Workshops and Retreats


Spiritual Health and Wellness Workshops

The Light SisterZ are pleased to offer workshop packages catered to companies and organizations focusing on Spiritual Health and Wellness in the work place!

The workshops are specially curated and designed to fit your organization. We journey with you over 15 weeks to look into the areas of growth that you are looking to hit on within your organization, conduct both offsite and onsite observations prior to customizing the workshops for your team. We are excited for you and your organization to walk away with not only the deeper healing work but also a detailed suggested Spiritual Health and Wellness Plan for your organization to move forward to sustain these transformational practices.

Most organizations have a health and wellness plan for their employees that addresses physical/nutritional health and occasionally select options for mental health. If your organization is looking to dive into a complete wellness lifestyle that encompasses spiritual and emotional health and healing, we are here for you. Ready to level up your organization? Request form here.

Specifically for organizations

  • Prioritizing the overall health and wellness of your team

  • Ready to implement transformational self care practices into the work place

  • Actively working to have Proactive healing in the work place

  • Ready to implement more healing and alternative therapy options for your organization

  • Where sustainable growth rooted in authenticity and happiness are of priority

  • Ready to address some of the less talked about work place biases that exist and create a safe and inclusive space

**Requests for Spiritual Health and Wellness Workshops must be submitted a minimum of six months prior to proposed workshop dates. Please fill out the request form as detailed as possible.


Corporate Retreats and more

Interested in having us host your upcoming corporate retreat? Or a one time workshop request for your organization? We would love to hear from you, fill out the request form and we will get back to you to see if there is a mutual fit!

** Requests must be submitted a minimum of six months prior to proposed workshop or retreat date.