The Light SisterZ are certified Metaphysical Practitioners who specialize in Spiritual Health and Wellness. We, Light SisterZ, define Spiritual Health as the values that you hold and how it is integrated into your life. A few questions we like to ask to help one better clarify what Spiritual Health and Wellness means for self include,

-What drives your sense of feeling meaningful and purposeful in your life?

-How do you treat yourself and others when no one else is looking?

Spiritual Health and Wellness does not look the same for each person. It is not necessarily religious, though some individuals chose to have religion as part of what they define as their own Spiritual Health. We chose to work at transcending religious and cultural barriers in our work with Spiritual Health and Wellness. We do not take a religious approach to the work that we do. Through personal experience and professional training + schooling, we consider ourselves well versed on a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs. We respect and acknowledge all and welcome all in blessings and light.


Transformational Speakers

The Light SisterZ have extensive experience speaking on various metaphysical + transformational topics from the connection of spiritual and mental health to physical and emotional health to how to use positive psychology to work through ancestral blockages. We love to inspire, encourage and cultivate the spark within individuals to aid them in their journey of healing and transformation. Look no further for that extra push to revitalize your life, that spark of magic, or that space for you and others to heal. Book us today to speak at your upcoming conference, graduation or more of an intimate gathering!

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Facilitate Workshops

The Light SisterZ host and participate in various workshops, retreats, classes and events domestically and internationally. SeekerZ learn various topics from unlocking your own natural/intuitive gifts to ancestral healing. Interested in having the Light SisterZ facilitate a workshop at your conference or corporate retreat?  We welcome all inquires.


Ceremonies and more

Yes, the Light SisterZ are Ordained Ministers.  Looking for officiates for your weddings, ceremonies, and other events? Contact us to officiate your ceremonies in blessings and light.