3 Ways to Cleanse Your Stones!

Do you love crystals and stones, but don't know how to cleanse them of unwanted energy? Tune in below with Teaira of the Light SisterZ and take control of your spiritual healing as we discuss 3 ways to cleanse your stones and crystals!!

Ways to cleanse your stones:

  1. Water

    • Run it under cold water for a few minutes and ask your angels to cleanse any unwanted and negative energies for the stone.Running your stones in the ocean, creek, lake or any natural water source works as well. (Be careful with some stones, they don't all react well with certain elements like sun, water, salt, etc.)

  2. Sea Salt

    • You can put your stone in a bowl or small plate of sea salt for a few hours or overnight (12 hours, 24 hours, etc.). Once the salt is finished, remove the salt (do not digest the salt as this means your digest the negative energy the salt has absorbed) and embrace your stone!

  3. Fire

    • Run the stone over an open flame. Fire is purifying and will automatically cleanse any energy from a stone.

Bonus Tactic:

  • Incense and Sage:

    • Run the stone through sage smoke or incense smoke. You don't have to say anything if you don't want, just imagine it being cleansed and let the smoke do the work.

Hope you enjoy Kings and Queens!!

Embrace the Healer Within and take control of your Proactive Healing!!