Self Healing Tips To Get Your Life Before 2019

Let’s get real about shifting habits. It takes at least 3 weeks for your brain to register the change you are trying to make. To actually form your new habit takes around 10 weeks. If you are ready to make real changes for 2019, your time to start is now. What are you going to do differently today?

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Still reading? Wonderful! The number 6 is knocking on the doors for the next three weeks! 6 is the number of nurture and creation. The number 6 is all about creating balance and harmony in your life (home and career) through responsibility and love. The month of December carries the vibration of 5 bringing forth a focus on change and free expression from the heart. What are you feeling the need to create? And where? Until next time, have a magical December Kings and Queens💜💚

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