Movement with Intention

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Introducing Life and Business Coach V of EVOLVEfly who specializes in her unique "Jedi Training" to help the entrepreneurs reach what some may believe is the impossible!

Join Teaira of the Light SisterZ and Life Coach V on this week’s episode to learn more about the origins of the "Jedi Training" and how Movement with Intention has impacted their lives!!

“Jedi Training is not another modality that dances amongst the others (like branches in a tree), but rather a training in mastery of universal fundamentals that few decide to undertake (having unusually strong ROOTS). If the roots are stronger than most, the branches have the most lusciousness and fruit.

What I found is that Jedi Training is a universal component that can 10x any other modality on the planet, from spiritual to scientific to secular. For example, Jedi Training paired with Magic practice has manifested as over $25,000 in under two weeks, when I coached a high priestess in training!” - Life Coach V

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