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The Light SisterZ | Spiritual Healing

We’re the Light SisterZ, International Spiritual Healers who blend divine sparkle with diverse tools—from ancestral healing to numerology—creating fun, powerful, guidance with blessings and light.

We encourage Kings and Queens to step into their power and unlock their truest potential by tapping into the unlimited power of the universe.



Nonso: Cincinnati, OH - “These women are amazing! Words cannot describe their genuine personalities and intellect! 10/10 would recommend :)”

Christina: Alameda, CA - “All in all, I would highly recommend the Light SisterZ. From issues with loved ones, to personal growth, and more, they've got you covered! I was so in awe by their capabilities that I signed up for both of their upcoming classes about recognizing your own gifts, and your spirit guides. I can't wait to see what those will be like!”

Marie: San Diego, CA - “Teaira and Dumebi light up every room they enter naturally and without artifice. You will walk away from the experience with a comprehensive plan for what to do with the information they give you. They are a joy to work with! Both are very gifted and have put time, effort, and study into expanding their gifts. I am looking forward to working with them time and time again!”

Jay: Oakland, CA - “These two are amazing!!! They were able to read my situation and give specific details around dates and events that occurred in the past. They helped pinpoint why I was experiencing problems in certain relationships and they helped me come up with a plan of action that involved healing. If you need answers and healing please reach out to these wonderful gifted women!!”

Diana: Hayward, CA - “I absolutely LOVE these Goddesses! They have been so informative and have shed so much light on my spiritual growth. I attended one of their classes earlier this year and was lucky enough to have attended a mini class with me best friend on Thursday. They are so warm and loving. I feel so blessed to have found them and look forward to growing with them and attending future classes and planning on going to my first retreat with them one day. They not only give you undivided attention while they are with you but continue to reach out and support with further practices, guidance, services and resources. You can feel the love they share not only with each other but with everyone they encounter.”

Bae Laurel: Alameda, CA - “They helped to voice the direction I was too scared to and helped me to see the path I believed I was blind to. These sisters helped me to sense my highest path and to have the courage to live it. I am forever grateful to these incredible healers for sharing their insight and helping me to be my greatest self. As they will tell you, there are no coincidences in life, and it certainly was no coincidence that we met. If you are feeling at all like you would like more insight on your journey, these joyous healers are the people to work with. Don't leave it to coincidence, but to your fullest joy. Give them a call--you'll see (;”



Transformational Programs

From weekend retreats to our long-term VIP experience, we offer a variety of transformational programs to help you heal from trauma and blockages along with being your SisterZ in your journey as you unfold into your path + life purpose. 



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Upcoming Events

Check out the full list of our upcoming workshops, retreats, public guest speaking engagements, and more!

My life has literally taken a turn specifically from the advice they have given. I am so glad I am connected to actual earth angels! Keep doing your thing, it saved my life in so many ways
— Chase -New York City, New York, USA
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